Wardrobe Malfunction

Well, this could be construed as false advertising if you’re  expecting something along the lines of Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl unveiling.  No titillation involved here, unless you’ve a thing for tags and seams.

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Check. And this is what I found when I looked down while finishing my bike ride this morning: inside out day.JPGThere I am, riding along with my workout pants on inside out. Hardly very exciting for a non-fashion maven such as myself. I had checked that I was dressed, but hadn’t noticed other details. And if that little white tag wasn’t there, I probably wouldn’t have noticed at all.

This has happened before. Years ago, towards the end of a day at the office, I again looked down as I was scooting towards a patient on my stool for the next part of her exam (yes, that exam, ladies). I noticed that I was wearing one blue and one black clog. Same style and manufacturer, different colors. I finished that patient’s exam and visit, and then asked my nurse when she was going to let me know that I was dressed funny. She looked at me blankly, and I pointed out my feet. It was obvious if you were paying attention, and it was pretty clear that what I had on my feet was not of much interest to anyone I’d encountered so far that day.

I’ve never been particularly enthralled by fashion. I like color, and find styles interesting. However, as far as dressing myself is concerned, comfort and function are paramount. Impressing others isn’t big on my list. So after I discovered my inside out pants today, did I change them? No. I went for a run with them inside out. I’m already old and slow, why not be dressed funny, too. I’m wearing them now. I will take them off before I shower and get ready to go to work, and I’ll check that I am reasonably attired before I head out into the next phase of my day. No guarantees, but I’ll check.

12 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. Inside out can happen, as long as the inside looks interesting. I have a colour blind No. 2 son. When he was a kid he now and again went out with one blue sock and one greay one, very unique.

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  2. That is one check I didn’t think of when I wrote my post this morning but a necessary one! When I went to the funeral home to arrange the service for my Mom when I went to the bathroom I looked in the mirror and realized I had my shirt on inside out (it happens to be the same one in my gravatar). The woman who assisted me hadn’t even noticed.

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  3. Somewhere on the infinite and tedious posts I’ve written over the years is one about teaching with my dress unbuttoned all the way down the front. I’m sure my students noticed, but didn’t know what to say… :O

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    1. Dang!
      Once at the airport, I stopped to tell a policewoman on the train that her shirt was unbuttoned. In my haste to let her know, I left my shoulder bag on the train. (with passport, wallet, etc). Fortunately, it was turned into security unscathed and it actually beat me to the gate, but not before I had a pretty good bout of anxiety.

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  4. A long time ago, I read of a superstition that if you put something on inside out and leave it on, you will have good luck all day. Probably more to the point, outside seams have become fashionable so except for the tag, no one would know it was inside out. And people like their brand name buys to show so just wait a few years and an outside tag maybe fashionable. You may be fashion forward and a fashion trendsetter after all! Just wait and see!

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