The Borders of Decency

Thank you. It is indeed time for action and response to this utterly inhumane treatment of children and families. I am ashamed and horrified that anyone in this country would ever countenance such behavior.

The Green Study

I’ve been reading about the U.S. immigrant situation and the separation of children from their parents for the last two weeks. My response, from the safety of my own study, has been to sign petitions, send money to the ACLU, write testy letters to my own representatives which, in a purplish-blue state, involves preaching to the choir in some cases. It’s not enough.

canstockphoto46338616I believe the inhumane immigration policy enacted by this administration is the Japanese internment camp of our time. It will be our national shame for years to come. While we’ve already replaced our human rights high horse with a jackass on the world stage, I fear our grandchildren will ask “What did you do when they started putting the children in tent camps and warehousing them in a vacant Walmart?”

It is, unquestionably, an issue of morality. Not biblical morality, which is as whimsical and cruel as…

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5 thoughts on “The Borders of Decency

    1. Please tell me when Obama did this – not that that has anything to do with the current situation. According to New York Magazine: “The zero tolerance practice of immediately imprisoning, prosecuting, and deporting immigrants who illegally enter the United States has been around since 2005, but the George W. Bush and Obama administrations were morally and pragmatically opposed to separating immigrant children from their families, even if some adult immigrants were clearly taking advantage of that compassion.”

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  1. Kids in tents in weather with temps at 100+ – makes no sense to me. But then, neither does the concept of taking them away from their parents. I hate that this country seems to have lost it’s sense of humanity, compassion, loving others.

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