Five summers ago, BA and I visited Iceland, taking advantage Icelandair’s policy of a free stopover on our way to Europe. We took four days exploring the southern part of the country. Our lodgings were set each night, and included two nights in a former elementary school that was now a small inn. Aside from that, where we went in our rental car and what we did was up to us. We love being out in nature, and Iceland has a lot of it. Glaciers, geysers, hot springs, volcanoes, all sorts of good stuff.

Foss means waterfall in Icelandic. These photos were taken at Skogafoss, which is just off the main road encircling the island. Skogafoss is not the biggest or most spectacular of the Icelandic cataracts, and its a lovely place to visit. There is a trail paralleling the falls leading to observation platforms along the way.  I loved being able to overlook the falls, and enjoy the mist rising up, along with the rainbows forming in the mist. Ahhh! A fine place for a picnic.skogafoss

iceland 2013
skogafoss in Iceland, photo taken from the overlook


We very much enjoyed our visit to Iceland and hope to return again, and extend our explorations.

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20 thoughts on “Skogafoss

  1. Many years ago, when i was very young, i took Icelandic airlines back from England to the U.S. The jet began leaking fuel — unreal — and we had to return to Iceland for hours of repairs. They let people drink alcohol for free; i was a teetotaller back then too. They actually had to take some people back on the plane on stretchers, they were so drunk! 🙂

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    1. Scary on a number of levels, Tom, and since it obviously ended well for you, it makes for a good story. Don’t think someone that intoxicated is anyone I would want seated nearby.


  2. wait! just read the comments — you took those photos with an iphone? I didn’t know they could take such great pics. I love that last one especially–so verdant and with a huge beautiful and scarey drop. The double rainbow is nice even with your fingers on the edge–it makes me think you had to hold your arm out so tht you could get the iphone far enough out to point downwards to capture the rainbow.

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  3. SO PRETTY!!! Wow! Iceland is on my bucket list and I every time I see photos of waterfalls, the sky and ponies it renews my enthusiasm to get over there! I think my head would explode if I went and found a spot with a pretty sky, a waterfall AND a pony all together! LOL

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