100 for a week

Lucy One WhiteHello again, its me, Lucy One White.

Well, after all last week’s excitement, with a grooming injury and my birthday and Mama Bets’ birthday, this week has been a little quieter.  I’m happy about that. I have healed up very well from my cut and I got my staples out on Wednesday. I’m happy they are out, but I’m NOT AT ALL HAPPY that I had to go back to the vet to get them out. I do not like wheeled vehicles. I think I’ve told you that before, and I KNOW that I have told Mama Steph that I hate wheeled vehicles, but does she listen, NO! {Mama Steph here–I do know that she hates the car and the vet, and just because I do something she is unhappy about doesn’t mean I didn’t listen, it means I did something other than what you wanted to do} HMMMMPH says me Lucy.

Well, back to my week. I am healing well and I will say that I’ve had very good meals, including my favorite shredded chicken. I’ve been a little fussy with sleeping, which is hard for my moms. They forget that cats are nocturnal animals and do hunting and eating at night. They are getting old, too and sometimes are kind of grumpy. But I Lucy just keep reminding them that I am still hungry or thirsty and finally they do their job and help me.

Now that my staples are out, I’ve gone outside a little bit more. Its been hot and my puddles are hard to find, which is sad. I know the sprinkler song though, so when I hear it, I ask to go out and find the puddle. I did that this morning and it was good.

So far, being 20 is a lot like being 19. I think I will go take a nap.

3 thoughts on “100 for a week

      1. Pinkie does but she doesn’t like going out when it’s wet. It sounds like you had a good drink at the puddle cafe


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