7 thoughts on “Throwbacks

  1. my grandmothers both live in my hands. I see their fingers (and one of my mom’s) whenever I look down at them. Do they DO what they did? No. What they DO is my grandfather’s activity, writing. I think my friends who visit think the fact that I don’t own a microwave is an atavistic throwback to a time that was less convenient for them. 😉

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    1. I remember first trying on glasses in my mid forties, and seeing my paternal grandmother’s face out of the corner of my eye. Poor young woman helping me was baffled by my laughter as I recognized a piece of my grandmother in me, and perhaps more baffled that I got those frames anyway!

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      1. At PT just now my therapist said, “Stand in front of the mirror and see what you look like when you do this.” I said, “It won’t work. Whenever I look in the mirror, my Aunt Jo shows up.” But then I had to explain it.

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