A Pre Pickle?

Today’s featured photo is of one of my young cucumber plants. Its actually the only one that has survived a combination of hail and insects. I have some replanting to do if I want to have cucumbers this summer. I love fresh cucumbers, and I was hoping to make some pickles as well. We’ll see.

Something that bothers me in the jargon world is what feels to me an excessive use of the prefix “pre”. A prime example is preplanning. Is not all planning pre? Perhaps its an abbreviation for preliminary (I’m pretty good at searching for logic), but it still seems silly to me. Redundant is the word.

A cucumber could indeed be a pre-pickle, an egg a pre-bird, but really, can we cut this out?

Do you have a favorite pet peeve of this sort? Language, it is a pickle.

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8 thoughts on “A Pre Pickle?

  1. Meta and Trans are also fun prefixes. I admit I love prefixes and suffixes because often with a new work, I can guess the meaning but not always. I wonder what a metapickle could be. The perfect pickle?


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