Todays Substitute daily prompt is FLEXIBILITY.

We haven’t heard from our scheduled prompter–hope things are okay. So, in its place, here comes flexibility.  And who knows, we might end up with two prompts today.

We knew flexibility was going to be important in this new adventure, and its proving to be so. Change is happening rapidly. As Martha noted in her Watch This Space post earlier today, we are developing a separate website for the Ragtag Daily Prompt–Thanks, Leaping Toes! We hope to go live later this week.  In the meantime, you can start following it, so when it does go live, you’ll automatically get the prompt.

Meanwhile, create a pingback with your post, be patient, it takes a while sometimes for it to be manually approved, and put tags of RDP and Ragtime Daily Prompt in your post.


22 thoughts on “RDP #5: FLEXIBILITY

      1. Thanks for letting me know, Lorna. I updated the prompters list on the new site this morning, so it should be good going forward and I’ll check it on other locations now.


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