Welcome to the Ragtag Daily Prompt!

Today’s prompt is redux.

Do with it what you will, and put Ragtag Daily Prompt and redux as tags, so it will come up in searches for those who are interested.

As you are likely aware, this is an endeavor by some of us interested in continuing the daily prompt tradition. Its a work in progress, there will be a lot to learn, and feedback is welcome. The prompters and some of the logistics are listed in this post here.

I have put a page for RDP on my site, and it will list each days prompt, so if you’re wanting to catch up, you can go there.

Let’s have fun!



24 thoughts on “RDP #1–REDUX

      1. hopefully we have lots of times. I figure we’ll be shifting and turning a lot in the next 6 months as we learn how to do this. and then one day we’ll know — this is perfect, this is it!

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