Ragtag, Bah Humbug!

Lucy One WhiteGood morning, its me Lucy One White.

I’m grumpy today because Mama Steph has been all busy writing other stuff for this stoopid new Ragtag Prompt thing. This means she hasn’t been listening to me as well as she should when I Lucy have been being a dictator. I am disappointed. Mama Steph is listening to me now, so I will tell you some stuff, it will be like Martha calls it, a Quotidian Update.  Isn’t that a good word?

Now, I’m feeling a little better now because some good things did also happen today. She made some chicken for dinner, and I was hungry and ate 2 bowls. I have one bowl left that I will eat for bedtime snack. So that’s pretty good.

And after my dinner, I got some scratch, which I like a lot. I’ve been having more chin scratch lately, which is my favorite thing, After scratch and maybe 3 drinks of water, I settle down and go to sleep. I’ve been going to bed earlier because day is starting earlier now. The birds get up about 4 of clocks in the morning. I Lucy don’t care about time numbers, but Mama Steph grumbles about the time when I let her know that day is starting and she should get up to help me.

I like it when we get up early. I take my cream pill, and then I sit on Mama Steph’s lap while she drinks coffee and does reading. Its good.  After a little bit, I start yelling. I’ve taken over a job that my brother Jules used to do. Its called Morning Campaign. To do it, you yell and stomp about and keep running to the back door to go outside. The Moms keep saying “Its Too Dark”, but you keep yelling anyway. And pretty soon, its not Too Dark, and you get to go outside. I Lucy like to go out on my deck, look around and then I come back in. Its very fast, it only takes a few seconds. Then I have a nap. Its exhausting work, getting up so early and having services. I have to sleep for some hours to recover.

Its been an exhausting week with all this yelling and bossing and dictating I’ve been doing. I’m going to take a nap. Maybe you should, too, if you have finished helping all the cats that need help.

11 thoughts on “Ragtag, Bah Humbug!

  1. Hello Lucy, It’s Makea, Ama and Fynn here. We don’t usually communicate with cats but we are making an exception just this once. Our mum is busy on the ‘puter too. It is most unimpressive. We’ve told mum it is the prompt redux or us. Mum was gobsmacked that we knew how to use that word in a sentence. Good enough. That’s our entry..

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  2. You sure keep your mom busy. I don’t think she minds though. You’re too cute to be miffed at.

    I linked you to Feline Friday.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your tired mom. ♥


  3. “I know just how you feel, Lucy,” Midnight grumbles. I get a little bit to eat for my midnight snack. But did I get it at midnight? no! Midnight is not hard to remember after all it is also my name. But she was working on something she called a ragtag prompt and my snack was an hour late. Who does that? Don’t people have any sense of priority?”

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