Puddles and Stuff

Lucy One White  Hi, its me Lucy One White!

We are finally having springing here, and I Lucy am going outside a little bit more. My sunny deck is nice on my bones, and there are a lot of good smells. Then we had raining for two days. My moms say that is very good because its been a drought, which means dry. I Lucy am not so sure. The really good part about rain is it makes puddles, and as I’ve mentioned before, that is my very most favorite water to drink. It helps my thirst and I feel happy when I drink puddle water.

So, during the raining, there have been many puddles, I could look out my door and see them. I got very excited and would yell and scream to go out (I’m getting really good and yelling, just ask my moms).  Then, Mama Steph would open the door for me to go out and sky water would fall on me and my fur! I HATE GETTING WET ON MY BACK. Did you know that? It makes me so mad. I run back inside. Wet is for toes or for drinking, no where else is what I Lucy say.

This afternoon, the raining stopped, but there were still puddles, so I went outside and had some drinks on my deck. I was so thirsty and busy doing drinking that I didn’t care that Mama Steph took my picture. You can see my little pink tongue working hard to drink.

Puddle drink
Finally, a good drink on my deck!

After my drink, I came back inside, took a nap, practiced yelling and screaming, ate my first two dinners and took another nap. Its just about time for third dinner and then I will have night bedtime. Good night from me Lucy. Its important to drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. That’s how I Lucy got to be almost 20 years old.

8 thoughts on “Puddles and Stuff

      1. That would be great, Lucy. I even speak pretty good cat. I know this because Naggy T. Cat always answered me. I always talk to cats when I meet them. They usually respond. Yr. Pal, Martha


  1. Glad you’re having springtime Lucy! We are waiting for The Female Human to get the pop up catio out of the garage and let us sit on the upstairs deck, chattering at the birds and the pine squirrel. Ah, the joy of the outside.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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