Tantruming for Adults

Tantrum. An outburst

Responding to overwhelm.

Times up. Let it go.


I find that sometimes it is healthy to “have a fit and fall in it”. Really feeling your emotions and expressing what is going on. A strategy I have used with myself and others, (and this is not original to me) is to set a timer, for say, 10 minutes.  During that 10 minutes, yell, scream, complain, kick, punch, move, do what you need to do. Obviously, a little care as to timing and setting is a good thing.

When times up, stop, take a deep breath, exhale, and shake off the remains of your tantrum. Have a good drink of water and back into your regularly scheduled programming.



9 thoughts on “Tantruming for Adults

  1. Yes! I try to never direct my anger at anyone else, but when I’m completely overwhelmed I do find it helpful to have a little tantrum, all on my own. Afterwards, I feel better and then can deal with others so much more effectively and kindly!

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