Bad Dog, Stephanie!

Today’s writing prompt of cur took me in a somewhat absurd direction–that of the daffynition.  With apologies in advance, here’s your dose for the day. Watch your step!

Occur: Exclamation when one is disappointed in the dog’s behavior.

Recur: Breeding dog, or a puppy.

Currant: The expression of an angry dog.

Current: The cost of living in a new doghouse.

Currency: Money spent by dogs. The British unit remains the pound.

Excursion: Avoiding a dog’s previous owner.

Curb: Latrine

Curt: A short sharp bark.

Encouragement: Helping a dog to be brave

Incur: What happens to dog food.

I’m sure there are a great many more alternate definitions and some that haven’t occurred to me–feel free to contribute in the comments!


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