Genie. A spirit who often grants wishes. Spirit also means breath, and is related to wind. And oh boy, did we have wind yesterday, with gusts of over 80 MPH! Not all that uncommon around here, but tough to deal with nonetheless.  Lots of people lost power, and while we didn’t, we didn’t have internet all afternoon and evening. So if you’re wondering where my comments and responses are, its not because I’m blowing you off, its that the wind was blowing a lot of stuff off around here.

This morning, I was so grateful to awaken to silence. Not windy! A light breeze, but not WIND. It was lovely to head out for an outdoor bike ride, the first in weeks, having been limited by the above mentioned wind, or the yet to be mentioned snow. Speaking of which, we may get some on Friday or Saturday. The wind is due back tomorrow. Springtime in the Rockies. All four seasons in a given day.

So I’m appreciating the peace for the moment, even now as I look at the street from my office, where I see a breeze, not wind. And if the genie were to appear in front of me now, I’m not sure how I’d spend my wishes, but I’m pretty sure I’d ask the wind to blow away the greed and fear that drives so much that happens these days. Seems  good start in any case. What would be your wish?


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