Get Plenty of Rest

Lucy One WhiteHello again, it’s me, Lucy One White.

Today I will tell you about the importance of rest. As you may already be aware, cats by their nature–we are fierce hunting animals, aka predators–need a great deal of rest. Between hunting and eating our food, we take naps, and lots of them. Fifteen hours a day of rest is the minimum for cats, and older cats, such as myself, need 20 or more hours.

Where and how to get all this rest? I Lucy have many sleeping stations that I use in different circumstances and times of day. In the daytime, I mostly sleep in our sitting room. I have a bed for me–Mama Steph made it for my brother Jules when he was sick, but he didn’t use it, so I Lucy made it mine. There are two other chairs that are in the sitting room, and I will sit or sleep on them, too. There is also a table with a shelf under it. I  will sleep on it sometimes when I want some privatecy, because its hard to see me there.

Sleeping positions. I’ve been studying on this and have developed some new positions recently. My favorite is the tight curl. Recently, I’ve used a variation of that, the vertical tight curl. Mama Steph was so impressed that she taked some pictures of me:



The red cushion is against the back of the chair, and the tan is the seat–really!

You may not be able to teach old dogs new tricks, but this old cat is still learning.

In the afternoons, I often go upstairs. I mostly nap on the end of the bed, but sometimes I will sleep in my sunny window. I have a cushion up there, and Mama Bets moved something so I can get up there in steps because I don’t jump as good as I used to. I also have a carpeted sleeping cradle by the back sliding door, and that’s a good place for a rest, too. I like this place during the day as I can keep track of things and I usually get left alone to keep resting.

At dinnertime, I will often come back downstairs for fooding, and some snacks for myself while my moms do their eating work. I’ll sit with them in the sitting room at night, too. I’ve rediscovered sleeping in laps recently, and it can be very comfortable and cozy to be on a lap for a nap or three.  The only problem with lap naps is that Moms can get fussy and do moving, which can be quite disturbing to my rest. I’m getting them trained, but it isn’t easy.

Then pretty soon, it will be bedtime, and I will usually go upstairs for family bed, although sometimes I snooze downstairs until the fussy stuff is done and the moms are settled in bed. Then after I get someone up for a drink of water and a bedtime snack, I will go to bed. I mostly sleep on Mama Steph in the warm valley between her legs. If its really cold, I will go under one of the covers. Or, if one of the moms is having a fussy night, she will go sleep in the other sleeping room, and there’s a really good fleecy blanket that I go under for sleeping. Its one of my favorite places for a good rest.

This is a lot of places to sleep and there are, as you can plainly see, many considerations about where and when to sleep for a cat such as myself. No wonder I need so much rest. Writing is hard work, too, and so I’m going to go take an extra nap. Maybe you would like a nap, too, after you have helped your cats. See you next week, and sweet dreams to you!


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10 thoughts on “Get Plenty of Rest

  1. I’m often astounded by the clever places my cat Roz can find to sleep. She is truly a princess and proves it every day by finding the softest place in the house at any given moment.

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    1. Very resourceful, these cat folk! In her younger days, I would find Lucy atop a high shelf in a closet, snoozing away, well cushioned by sweaters. Lucy says ” our little bones like soft cushions, Jeff–I Lucy am sitting on Mama Steph right now. Soft and warm is very important!”

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  2. You need to link this cutie to Feline Friday. She’s adorable. I loved her post about resting and all her special places. Very entertaining.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend, little one. My best to your peeps. ♥

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  3. Good for you, rest is important! I often find one of my favorite rest spots already occupied by one of my sisters or my brother. Oh, I always have a plan B, or C! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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