Spring Morning

Once barren branches

Undergo transformation

Blossoms and leaves emerge.

I was struck yesterday walking along a path with southern exposure by the rapid emergence of spring blooms, despite last week’s cold and snow. Forsythia and plums in bloom, leaves ready to burst forth on trees, and swelling lilac buds. A week ago, they all were barren sticks. Enjoy!

Overslept this morning

Following a wakeful night

Frothy drink delights.

latte love
Once routine, now an occasional treat. Yummy this morning!


7 thoughts on “Spring Morning

  1. When I saw the prompt, I predicted there would be a lot of writing about the ocean. No, my daughter said, there will be a lot of drinks about cappuccinos! Fun little poem you wrote and it speaks EXACTLY to how I feel many, many mornings. 🙂

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      1. I live in the central valley of California. The weather is pretty fair here year around, but the last two winters have been cold and wet and spring is hiding somewhere. You enjoy your day too. 🙂


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