I like words that I need to explore a little, to check and clarify if my felt sense of what it means is in fact accurate. With today’s daily prompt,  it was fun to discover that my inchoate sense of inchoate was correct!

Some of my best leaps in learning or thinking come from this place–that sense that “there’s something here, even though its not yet well articulated or understood”. Trusting my intuitive hits, and allowing their emergence without force. Its a subtle balance, to pay attention and at the same time not to manipulate or overwork something.

Considering this, its a bit like some of the flowers that emerge this time of year. They may be served if I pull some of last years dried leaves away, allowing for easier emergence of the shoots. And again, not doing too much, as those same leaves provide protection from the elements–too much sun or snow too fast can be a challenge.

Attending to, and allowing. A challenging combination for many of us in this culture of doing.


5 thoughts on “Inchoate

  1. I particularly liked the last line of your post, Steph. It reminds me that untidiness is natural. I sometimes get a restless feeling when I see the weeds in my garden during summer, but I remind myself that they actually help with water retention in the soil. I can have the beautiful garden, but it won’t be so bountiful without the weeds.

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