Explore. It’s a fine co-traveller with one of my other favorite words, curious.

Bring your curiosity and let’s go exploring. No special venue required, and with this approach, many ordinary things can be interesting. It can help transform the mundane, although I must admit that it wasn’t much help when I did my taxes last weekend. And not surprisingly, I was less than open to adventure with that particular task.

I do love exploring, and the natural world is my first choice. Trails, beaches, what’s around the next bend. I have the intention of doing more exploring of this world of ours as my work life winds down over the next several years. Traveling the world with a curious mindset–What’s it like here? Exploring nature, towns, people, the whole thing. I also hope to explore a bit closer to home, continuing to visit my local and regional parks and trails, along with hitting the US and Canadian national parks–really as a starting guide for what I hope to be months long meanders.

Meanwhile, I have plenty of explorations within my day to day life. What happens if I change this recipe? What is my response about it this circumstance? What’s going on with this client? How will this next triathlon training month go? Which of my garden seeds will germinate and how will my garden grow? What happens next in the book I am reading? Will I keep writing?

I’ve got lots of explorations I’m hoping to do, at this point my list appears ever growing. I’m recognizing that explore in many ways is an approach, a way of living life, following dreams and curiosities, exploring both my internal and external worlds. It does keep life interesting.

Do you have things you wish to explore?


22 thoughts on “Explore

      1. It was a good reminder for me, as I sit here downsizing numerous teaching resources, rather than thinking of it as an onerous task, it can be exploring to find forgotten treasures!!

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  1. Wow…lots to explore:) now I have to πŸ€” think…on a daily basis it will be new streets of the town, maybe peoples faces & dreams, also anything I’ll meet on my way πŸ™‚ & of coz – in writing => description of objects & feeling.

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  2. I’ve given some thought to exploring the top of my refrigerator with a sponge but I’m not sure I’m properly equipped. πŸ˜‰ It seems to me, though, that every day is an exploration. Yesterday I learned more about what’s going on at my little walking place AND lots of people were (possibly) enlightened about staying on a path. I didn’t expect most of that when I got up yesterday.

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      1. No difficulty believing the reactivity. Change comes slowly to the valley, and from an “outsider”?. Recruiting other locals and slow will likely make the difference. Also preservation, if one can walk another fine line–

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      2. I learned yesterday that the boundaries of the place haven’t been determined. That an endangered bird put the kybosh on a bridge (that was going in the wrong place, anyway) that is planned to extend the available size of the wild life area. So Parks and Wildlife is still trying to figure out exactly what the piece of land is and how to extend access. Meanwhile, maybe, my little FB post made some difference in awareness.


  3. And all with a mind full of curiosity, I’m sure!
    Whenever you’re ready to head to some of those Canadian National Parks, we’ll be ready for you! I can also help point you in the direction of a couple good ones if you like πŸ™‚

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      1. The list never seems to shrink, only grow, doesn’t it??

        Gros Morne in Newfoundland has been my all-time favourite. The Bruce Peninsula is another, conveniently located by me so you could stop for a visit en route!

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  4. I love exploring too! It’s funny how when you’re traveling, the ordinary things are so interesting. It gets to be a trick to try to bring those exploring eyes home with you and keep them.

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