Drink Plenty of Fluids!

Lucy One WhiteGood morning, its me, Lucy One White.

Today’s topic is drinking. I Lucy know that it is very important to drink plenty of fluids. I had an injury to my kidneys when I was a kitten. I drank the wrong fluid–antifreeze and it costed me one of my nine lives. I licked it off the floor in the garage, and I shouldn’t have done that. Any of you kittens reading this, take my word for it, don’t drink antifreeze, it can make you dead. I got better, but ever since then, I’ve had to drink extra water to keep my kidneys working good.

I mostly drink water, and I like a little bit of cream with my morning medicine pill, too. Sometimes I will drink a little bit of chicken soup, if its not too hot. But truly, my beverage of choice is water. Being a confirmed and experienced water drinker, I have refined my preferences over the years. As my Mama Steph told you last summer, one of my favorites is “sink drink“, drinking out of my faucet in the bedroom. Its best if a Mom gives me gentle rub while I drink, although I can drink by myself (don’t tell my Moms, they’ll get lazy). Now that I am an older woman cat, I have a stool so I can reach the countertop, but in my youth, I just popped up onto that counter as elegantly as you please.

sink drink
This is me Lucy, having sink drink.

I also like to drink out of my Moms’ water glasses, and I can jump up on the eating table to get to a drink. Sometimes they think they are being smart and give me my own drinking glass on the table, but I am smarter and I know which ones are for my Moms. Mama Bets does a bad thing with her water sometimes, which I hate. She makes dragon water! The water starts to hiss and fuzz at me, its very scary. I back off and don’t drink it, its probably poison. {“Dragon water” can be seltzer, emergen-C, or kombucha}. I like to drink at the table. I also have a good trick I can do if my Moms forget and leave a water glass on the table. I put my paw in it and tip it over. Its really fun to watch the water run onto the floor. The Moms have learned about this though, and they hardly ever leave glasses on the table anymore, which is a little bit sad.

I saved my best drinking place for last. Its drinking outside, from puddles. I like puddle drink from either rain or snow. It tastes so good, I will even go outside while it is raining to drink, even though I don’t like rain on my fur, it makes my skin twitch. We had snowing last night and this morning, the sun made really good puddles on my deck, so I went outside and had a good drink. This water makes cats extra strong and healthy. Its probably why I am going to be 20 on my birthday in June. Someone Mama Steph knows from her work told her that this water is special for all cats, and her cat told her it is called God Water. I think this is probably right.

puddle drink
This is me Lucy having puddle drink on my deck.

All this writing work has made me thirsty and I’m late for my nap, so goodbye for now. See you next Friday.

18 thoughts on “Drink Plenty of Fluids!

  1. I am glad you survived the antifreeze, many kids have died from that. My state (MA) has a law that only a certain kind with an additive in it that tastes bad can be sold. Sink drinks are the best πŸ™‚ Have a nice weekend!

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  2. It’s so nice to meet you and thank you for joining Feline Friday. Yikes on drinking antifreeze. Not a good thing at all and I’m glad you survived that.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. My best to your mom. β™₯

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  3. awww, I am sorry you got sick from drinking anti-freeze, Lucy. I am very happy you survived. Congratulations! And don’t tell Midnight about your trick of tipping over the water glass. He does not need that bad habit!

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    1. Thanks, Mary. I was sick for a little while and now I’ve been better for a long time, which is pretty good. I won’t tell Midnight, but I don’t think its a bad habit–it teaches my moms to clear the table, I think of it as training!

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