Quarterly Review of Blogging: # 3

Nine months of blogging. I’m still at it, and posting most days, this is post # 213. I’m still having fun, learning, growing, and connecting with other bloggers. I continue to be amazed by this, as I really didn’t see it coming.

I’m okay with this happy surprise.

I started two new series: Feline Fridays and Words Along the Way. Lucy has appeared most Fridays, and she’s made a few “friends” (the term is used loosely with cats) of her own–Tabby, Midnight and Callie. Words is just getting started, only one post thus far, but I’ve more rattling around in my head.

Followers: Up to 166–teeny by many standards, and continuing to grow.

Goals for the next quarter: Keep writing and see where I go.

Thanks for reading, and I enjoy reading both your posts and your comments. Cheers!


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13 thoughts on “Quarterly Review of Blogging: # 3

  1. I have enjoyed them all, even if I haven’t had time to respond. Wiki is currently on my lap trying to prevent me from typing so I will pet her…..LOL! Feline Fridays, love it!

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  2. Midnight purrs, “We love Lucy’s Fridays.” Myself, I like everyday — your essays are interesting and a lot of times I learn something new too — a great bonus.

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  3. Your posts always give me something to think about. Most appreciative of your prompt posts and poetry though: playing with words has become a treasured hobby and it’s cool to see how people approach a theme or form in different ways.

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