Faceless, Take Two

10 thoughts on “Faceless, Take Two

    1. The deep purple are a miniature iris. I saw them up at Chatauqua on Thursday. The little blue guys are scilla, I think–they were in a bulb mix I picked up a few years ago. I’m not so good at keeping records, sad to say.

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      1. Such a treat this time of year. Still cold, snowy, mostly dry and brown, and then these little guys peeking out– the miniature versions are the earliest–least likely to be walloped by snowdrifts, I imagine.

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  1. My first flowers are beginning to push through the soil too! Unfortunately, I have a colony of bunnies living in my yard that are eating them quicker than they can flower. That’s the problem with having a dog who is too old to chase the rabbits away anymore. But I suppose what is bad for me is good for the rabbits!

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