Foreign–Lucy’s Take

Lucy One WhiteGood morning, its me, Lucy One White.

Foreign is today’s writing word. I haven’t done this before, Mama Steph does it. Foreign. That means not regular in my life. I am mostly a creature of habit, I like it the best if things are regular, like meals and bedtime and sink drink and nap and resting and snack times.

Foreign is different than regular. It might be something new to eat, which sometimes is good, like a new kind of salmon. But it might be something I Lucy don’t want, like a baby sitter cause my moms aren’t home, or going to the doctor. The doctor is the worst thing I know. First you ride in the car, after being put in a carrying prison box. Then you go to a place that smells very bad and dangerous.

The people there talk like they are happy to see you, but then they are very rude. They do weighing of you. I don’t like that because I am a small cat and getting smaller. The doctor lady called me frail. Hmmmmmph! And then they do stuff like poking foreign stuff in my personal places. They looked in my ears and at my butt! Very rude.

And then there’s the pointy things. They poke me, and I don’t like it. Mama says its so I don’t get a rabies disease and that I have to have the shot or I can’t go outside to play, but I Lucy say its torturement and putting foreign things in my body can’t be a good thing. This writing is hard, I am going to go take a nap. Maybe you should, too.


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