Messy Meanders

I’ve read Bil Keane’s Family Circus comic strip for many years, and had been thinking about Billy’s meanders the other morning while working on a project.

I was in the basement, working on getting my seed starting setup going for this year. I went up to my office on the second floor to get the notebook where I log my plantings. Arriving upstairs, Lucy the cat greets me and leads me to the sink for a drink.  While petting the thirsty Lucy, I notice my empty coffee mug on the counter. I take the mug to the kitchen, where I wash it along with the other dishes in the sink. About that time, the washing machine indicates that it has completed its cycle. So I transfer the wet laundry to the dryer.

I head back to the basement to continue with my seed starting project. Arriving there, I realize I didn’t get my notebook. Back upstairs I go and into my office, where I sit down at my computer. I check my emails, finding a client request to reschedule an appointment. Down to the main floor to retrieve my schedule book. Now the dryer is beeping, so I remove the mostly dry laundry, take it upstairs and put it away. Back to my office, where my open laptop reminds me of the scheduling issue. I go back downstairs, get my book, come upstairs and respond to my client. Then I look at WordPress, and respond to a few comments on my post and read a few posts and comment myself.

I’m hungry, so I fix myself something to eat. Lucy arrives, and lets me know its time for her medicine. She has that and I eat my breakfast.  I head back down to the basement to work on my seeds. I notice the basement cat box could use cleaning. So I scoop it out, and as long as I’m cleaning cat boxes, do the two on the main floor and the one upstairs as well (the joys of a senior cat). I collect the trash from the top two floors as I reverse my trip and take my collection outside to the bin. Emptying the trash, I recall that tomorrow is recycling pickup, so I take that outside to its bin.

Back to the basement and my seed starting. Where’s my notebook?

There were actually several more curves in this meander, but without recording the journey in my notebook. .  .


13 thoughts on “Messy Meanders

    1. A bit of both, I think. I can be very focused if I choose, and other times, like the day in question, I really just go with the flow. A lot can get done in either circumstance. Pretty amusing sometimes.

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  1. A beautiful description of what I think most of us experience on so many levels: a task, a training regime, a career path… life. We often get pulled one way or another and can be hard on ourselves for doing so, but in the end, its just part of the process 🙂

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