The String Cheese Incident

Travel day. BA and I are going to take a few days at the ocean. Travel so far is going okay. Going through security, I hit the first snag of the day. I could see they were scanning and puzzling over something in my daypack. No surprise when they asked to search it.

The surprise came when the agent asked “whats in this bag?” My lunch. Opening it up, we found the offending culprit: a piece of string cheese.  Its always something.

I’ve eaten the evidence, and soon we will be happily above the ground on our way to the ocean.  Cheers!

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9 thoughts on “The String Cheese Incident

  1. Oh my gosh, was that at the Denver airport? When I flew out of there in Oct, they really analyzed every food item I had my bag one by one! They really did not want me to fly with GU gels. Who knew?! Funny how TSA agents at some airports are more stringent than others!


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