Lucy: My Early Days

Lucy One White Good morning, its me, Lucy One White.

Today I thought I would tell you a little bit about my early days. I’m remembering it a little bit cause my Moms are doing packing. I don’t like it when they go away. I think they should ALWAYS stay home with me Lucy. They say they need to do vacations and stuff, but I don’t think so. I don’t travel, and neither should they.

Where was I? Oh yes, travel. They always have a care person come in when they are gone, but it isn’t the same. This time, my Auntie Lindsay is going to come stay with me, and we are going to have sleepover together. That might be okay a little bit. When she comed a few days ago to visit and get structions on caring for me, she gived me pretty good scratch. We will see. I’m still not happy about it.

When my bruzzer Jules and I were little, my Moms were gone for a while and we had a care lady named Lois. She was okay. Jules and I used to have lots of energies, cause we were kittens and we did very fast races and went all over the house. One day, when Lois came to take care of us, she couldn’t find us. She looked all over the house, and she was getting really worried. She was so worried that she called Mama Steph who was at school in Canada. Mama Steph talked to her and walked her through the whole house, and had her open doors, and you know what? When Lois opened the upstairs bathroom door, Surprise!!!!! There was me and Jules. We were hungry and we ran right downstairs and eated lots of food.

I Lucy was a really fast runner when I was little. I still am pretty fast, I can beat my moms going up the stairs if I feel like it, but sometimes I walk slower.  One morning, I was running fast all over the house. I was excited cause Mama Steph had come home. She used to do night working at the hospital if someone was having a baby. I didn’t like it cause the telephone would wake me up, and then Mama Steph would get up and go away. She always told people on the phone to get plenty of fluids and plenty of rest, but did she do it for her cats. No, she did not. Hmmmph.

Oh yes, my story. Mama Steph comed home from the hospital. It was early morning and she was tired, but she was going to have to go to her work office pretty soon, so she thought she might sit in the hot tub and relax for a little bit. She did something to the top, and was taking off her clothes. I Lucy runned really fast and I jumped up on top of the tub and SPLASH! I WAS IN THE WATER!!! I was very surprised. But I just started swimming and I was almost to the end when Mama Steph picked me out. She couldn’t move fast cause her pants were around her ankles. She looked funny, and her face was scared.  She didn’t know that cats can swim.

I Lucy can swim good, and I can play hide and seeking, too. I wonder what games I will play with Auntie Lindsay this weekend? It will be a surprise! Maybe I’ll tell you next time.

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