Present Three Ways

12 thoughts on “Present Three Ways

  1. Now is all there is. Yep. I believe that — and mostly live it — but it really interferes with necessary future planning. :\ There was a great bit of graffiti in the now defunct Muddy Waters of the Platte in the women’s restroom. Above the toilet, wise words: Pee Here Now. Sartre :p

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      1. Well might you ask: from the horse’s mouth: Applied Existential Psychotherapy™ (AEP)

        Applied Existential PsychotherapyTM (AEP) is an experiential psychodynamic approach that has been developed and taught at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute over the past twenty-three years. Its founder is Dr. Betty Cannon, BPI President. AEP interlaces the insights of existential philosophy and contemporary psychoanalysis with techniques drawn from Gestalt therapy and other experiential approaches. It is a dynamic here-and-now therapy that also takes into account how the past impacts the present. AEP works deeply with the body and process as well as verbal material and content. Betty Cannon’s book, Sartre and Psychoanalysis, is considered a classic in the field of existential psychology.

        I’ve done a number of trainings with Betty over the years, and will see her Friday.

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      2. Yes, the body speaks a language all its own. That’s part of how I morphed from regular family practice into what I do now. Realized that a lot of symptoms–body or emotional are an attempt to communicate with self (an interpose memo as it were). As such, it seemed a different approach might be more effective. Its been a good change for me, and helpful to clients.

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      3. Yes. I have felt that to be true — I didn’t know there was a science about it. Sometimes I feel that I have a lot of knowledge that just isn’t accessible to me because, you know, the body is kind of inarticulate or articulate in a different way. I learn a lot from you. 🙂


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