Some Things I like

Lucy One WhiteHello again, its me, Lucy One White.

It has been pointed out to me that my last two posts, Lucy’s Lament and Introducing Feline Fridays were a wee bit critical. While I can’t help it that I have very high standards, being a cat, and am ‘snickety by nature, today I will write about some stuff that I Lucy like.

Sunny window and sunny deck. Being a cat of some years and having a less statuesque physique than I once had, I get chilled easily. I like being in sunny places, so that my little bones feel good. My black fur is helpful, too, as it is a natural solar collector. This picture is of me sitting on my sunny deck. My eyes are squinty because the sun is bright, and also because I don’t like to let anyone do taking of my picture.

sunny deck
This is me on my sunny deck. The sunshine helps my little bones feel good!

Related to this is free rangering. My moms are quite strict about when I get to go outside. Someone with thumbs has to be home and it has to be daytime. They do worrying about a made up monster called a coyote. I Lucy don’t believe in coyotes, but I can’t convince them of that, they actually believe in coyotes so much that they think they see them. Back to rangering. This is when the back door is left open a little bit so I can go in and out as I feel like it. I like this a lot. My brother Jules really liked this when he was staying with us, too.

I Lucy like to do eating, too. I am a bit snickety about what I eat and do changing of my mind about what it is good to be eating. Its fun then for my moms to play guess which food I want now. I like to help them improve their caring skills, so I give them plenty of practice. I have special food that is custom for me and comes in cans and bags of crunchy food. I like to eat fresh can, but not when it gets old and stinky.

There are kinds of “people” food that I like a lot, too, and my moms often give me tastes of that, and usually when I take my medicine, I take it mixed with something tasty. In the morning, I take my pill in some half and half. I also have to take tass (potassium) which can smell nasty sometimes. If my moms mix it just right with tuna or turkey or salmon, I will probably take it.  My favorite food right now is egg yolk, the runny yellow kind. Its really good and I will jump on the table and push my head in the plate to get some. My moms like to pretend that I’m not allowed on the table, but its not true, I go up there all the time. And egg yolk is the best.

Sleeping is one of my very best things. As you are no doubt aware, cats need 20 or more hours of rest every day, and I didn’t get to be almost 20 by ignoring this. I take my sleeps very seriously. In the daytime, I have a number of sleeping stations, in chairs and on other places through the house. At night, I like to sleep in the family bed. I mostly sleep on Mama Steph, but sometimes she gets wiggly and wants to do rolling over, which I Lucy find annoying. I’ll chastise her then with my voice.

Sometimes, she or Mama Bets will go sleep in our other sleeping room cause they are fussy or sick or something. When that happens, I will go sleep in the mid-level of the bed, where I can be very cozy and stretch out more (the mid level is between the top comforter and the rest of the bed linens, just warm enough for a small cat). The picture below is of my new private sleeping place (on the lower shelf of the table). Its right next to my other day bed and my favorite sleeping chair, too. I like to have lots of options!

lucy's sleeping places
new low bed, my special private under table and chair with me Lucy in napping splendor!

I didn’t know how much hard work it is to do this writing stuff. I’m going to have a little snack, because I’m a bit peckish and then I’m going to go take a nap. Its very important to simplify one’s life by remembering your priorities. Mine are food and sleeps. Bye now.



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