confused creature

Sometimes I’m easily confused. Today is one of those times. This is the weather report that I read in this morning’s paper:  today's weather

Here’s what I see outside:window view its cold, grey and snowing lightly.

Currently, the air temperature is 19 F. Where that fits between the predicted high of 43 and the low of 37, I’m not sure.

Now, this is Colorado, our weather is often capricious, and I’ve lived here most of my 62 years, so I certainly am well-practiced at adapting to what is versus what I expected. I’m adjusting my plans and dressing accordingly.

And there’s a part of me that wants to pout and whine “but you said”. At least I’m a creature with a nice warm den.


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4 thoughts on “confused creature

    1. Glad its nicer down your way. There’s a sliver of blue now, my errands are done, dinner soup made, so I may bundle up and go out. I had a friend who once worked in meteorology for the military. They were known as the weather guessers. Makes sense to me.


  1. My wife & I recently checked the weather on our Alexa. In the morning, she said the forecasted high temperature was something like 63 degrees (F). Later that day we checked again. It was now 65 degrees. So Alexa said the forecasted high was 65. A little while later we checked again. It was now 67 degrees. I guess you can figure out what Alexa’s new high temperature forecast was. 😀

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