Introducing Feline Fridays

Thus far in my blog, I’ve mentioned a few of the cats in my life, primarily Lucy and her late brother Jules. Former neighbor Waylon had a Cat Tales episode. Lucy got a chance to dictate to me in Lucy’s Lament, and she’s decided that she would like to contribute more of her perspective to this blog, setting the feline facts straight. Without further ado, here’s Lucy!

Lucy One White

Hello. Lucy One White here. As you can see from my portrait above, I have one white whisker. All the rest of them are black, so you can’t see them. I mostly like to be mysteriotic, so black is good, but I like the one white, too, its ‘stinctive.

Today’s topic is names. I have two moms, Mama Steph and Mama Bets. Mama Bets is pretty good about using my proper name, which is Lucy or Lulu, but Mama Steph, her a problem. When my bruzzer and I came to live at their house many longs ago, my moms asked what my name was, and I telled them it was Lucy. They heard me, and for a little while, that’s what they called me.

As I mentioned, Mama Steph has a problem. She calls everyone, even very important cats such as myself by nicking names. Its so insulating! Lulabelle, Lucia, Prinkie (short for princess, which is insulating because I am a QUEEN), Princessa, Little Bear, Sweetheart Girl, Bella Lucia, Little Bit, Short Stuff, Mini Bit. Why the other day, she called me Naggy-Pie, and just because I was telling her to hurry up with my snack, as I was terribly hungry, I could have been dead, it had been so long since I was last fooded. And I just remembered another one. Mama Bets called me “BossyPants” after she readed that stupid book. [the Mamas thought Bossy Pants was a fine book and its title term most appropriate to certain black felines].

Back to me Lucy. My formal name is Lucy Belle Gilpatrick Smythe McGarrity. When I get too mad at my moms, I leave them out of it and am Lucy McGarrity.  I also do like Lucy One White, which reflects my status as a Distiguished Elder Cat. I Lucy think I should be called what I want, and that if anyone calls me be a wrong name, they should be puntished.

That is all I have to say for now. Do you others have problems with your names? How do you handle this? What would be a proper puntishment for Mama Steph being so recalcium? Help me out here, please.

I’ll be back next Friday with more about me. Lucy, DEC

8 thoughts on “Introducing Feline Fridays

  1. Love this, Lucy cracks me up.Makes me think maybe Midnight doesn’t think his name is distinguished enough as he has just one …. nah, he thinks he’s so famous, he only needs the one, lol.

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