Left, Right or Both?

What’s your dominant hand? Foot? Eye?

I’m pretty right dominant. I write with my right hand, although I mouse with my left–that’s what happens when your partner is a lefty and that’s whose computer you learn on.

Athletically, I prefer to start/lead with my right foot. This is where things are less common. In twisting activities, like skating and gymnastics, left is more dominant. Think about how you do a cartwheel–do you put your right or left hand down first? Me, its my right hand. Most folks, its the left.

In figure skating, most skaters twist and spin in a counter-clockwise direction. Me, I go clockwise–interestingly called “Lefty” in skating.

In snowboarding, leading with the less-common foot is called “goofy”. Yup, I’m goofy alright.

So I’m mixed dominant. A lot of my physical skills are done in the less common way, and my fine motor stuff, like writing, is done in the common way. Makes for a busy brain, and in some ways a greater connection between my right and left brains. More possibilities, although I may not go with the dominant paradigm!

And then there are the dancers–they spin both ways, although they have a favorite. Maybe that’s why dancing is such a good way to maintain brain health throughout life. Moving is good, moving in all directions and really challenging your brain is even better. I’m off to challenge my self with movement on my lunch break. Cheers!


10 thoughts on “Left, Right or Both?

  1. ‘Goofy’ brings back good memories of playing snowboarding and skateboarding video games: Tony Hawk, Cool Boarders and more 😛

    I’m right hand dominant, but I do have some left handed tendencies. When I wear a watch, it’s on my right hand and it’s supposedly meant to be worn on your off hand. I’ll hold the fork in my right hand rather than the knife (using my left hand to stabilise/fork the food item whilst cutting/knife with my right doesn’t work well for me). Opening bottle caps is something I do left handed. I’d be right footed when I play football/soccer, but thinking about the start line of a sprint interval, I’m not sure which foot I lead with and which I push off with.

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  2. I’m mostly right hand, but my daughter, who is actually a right hand dominant artist, trained herself to be able to use both her left and right. She makes sure she uses her left hand as much as her right when drawing so now she can illustrate almost perfectly with both hands. Quite amazing and a lot of dedication to accomplish such a task.

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  3. I am right dominant. Not the most coordinated so not sure what foot I lead with.
    My son is left handed for writing and eating. Many other things he does right handed, like throwing a football etc.
    Since he is the youngest and the rest of us are righties, he just adapted to the right handed mouse.
    Don’t ever sit to the left of a lefty at a restaurant. You’ll be in his/her way.

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