Calling, Falling, Bawling


I am calling you

Warbled Nelson and Jeannette

Memories of Mom.



Falling into sad

Mourning losses, fading hope

Elusive for now



Crying it can’t be

It happened anyway

Just so, Let it go



via Daily Prompt: Calling

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4 thoughts on “Calling, Falling, Bawling

  1. Calling
    Ring, ring, pass me by
    Competing priorities
    Please leave me alone

    Ever climbing high
    Lots of gain and lots of fall
    Tie your shoe laces

    Half moon on its side
    Is it clockwise or counter?
    You can be the judge

    My attempt at ‘Bawling’ is a bit of a reach, trying to evoke the shape of a 😦 or the mouth of a sad face.

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