I’m not much of a holiday person, in the sense that large gatherings, lots of stuff, crowds of people buying to fulfill artificially generated needs is not my way. Regulated worship, whether of deity or commerce doesn’t suit me. “Christmas” music piped everywhere feels assaultive. Not long ago, I posted about Earworms. Once I read today’s daily prompt, snippets of “A Holly Jolly Christmas” became part of my internal soundtrack. A jolly mood did not follow.

That said,  I do enjoy whimsy, and the often cheerful surprise of colorful lights glowing during the long dark nights this time of year. Consistent with my nature, I enjoy a string or two adorning a house or tree. The “too much is not enough” approach enjoyed by some again bloats my senses with its excess.

A few years ago, my neighbors built an elevated play/tree house in their backyard for their son, C.  I saw C and his dad in the hardware store as they were choosing the paint colors and watched as they completed this weekend project. This time of year, its easy for me to see the house from my bedroom window, as its adjacent maple tree has shed its leaves. In the summer, its shaded and more secret. I imagine its a great hangout for C and his friends. As I was coming home the other evening, I drove by and realized that its been decorated with lights. To me, that is jolly–putting holiday lights on a tree house. Unexpected, small and fun!

I’m posting this now, with a daylight picture of the house. Come back after sunset (4:30pm MST) and see the nighttime version of this jolly little house!

The daylight version
Ordinary tree house in daylight
jolly tree house
the jolly evening version!


via Daily Prompt: Jolly

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