Snippets from a Morning Person

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I’m a morning person by nature. I recall getting up early for summer band practice, being up and making my breakfast while the rest of the household slept, and then walking to school. All before 7am, which is a bit unusual for a 12 year old.

A few years later, my summer job was working at the city swimming pools. One of the lifeguard chores was vacuuming the pool bottom. This had to be done after the water had settled. Many guards would come in late at night and do the job. Me, I’d go in at 4am, enjoying the quiet and solitude of the early morning, and be finished by 6, ready for the swim team’s arrival.

In college, I recall sitting on the floor in my dorm hallway, reading the morning paper, waiting for the dining hall to open so I could go down for coffee and breakfast. My freshman year was during the 1973 energy crisis, when the decision was made to stay on daylight savings time through the winter. This had me watching the sun rise during my  calculus class. Something felt a little wrong about that circumstance to me. Up early is fine, predawn math is a little suspect.

The quiet of the early morning remains one of my favorite times of day. Whether I’m sitting quietly with my cup of coffee and reading, or outside walking or running, I do treasure this time. There’s a spaciousness I feel, and I love having a sense of time, being unhurried, able to come into the more busy part of the day at my own pace.

Today’s photo was taken out my office window this morning as the sunrise began. I was at work, awaiting my 7 am client. I don’t often see clients this early, but if its a choice between 7 am and 7 pm, there is no contest. Its the morning for me.

morning 2 a

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7 thoughts on “Snippets from a Morning Person

  1. I’m also a morning person. I like the quiet and tranquility of going for an early morning run, or walking to my destination, without the hustle bustle of the city. The feeling of getting in from a long run at 10:00 AM on the weekend when everyone else is just getting started feels good. The late afternoon and evening is my recharge time, I definitely have more energy and motivation in the early hours (though I have to say I’m not quite done with everything by 06:00 AM :P).

    I can’t remember if this has come up before in another comment conversation: what instrument did you play in band? I never took lessons, but the most enjoyable part of my university experience was solitary, studious afternoons teaching myself guitar (and developing the calluses that come with it!).

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  2. That’s early for swimming, although I’ve done it. I’m okay with swimming on my own at that hour, but organized anything then is jarring for my system. Those morning walks and runs are lovely, I do agree!


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