Appearing as the daily prompt, on Saturday morning, no less:  Underdog!

As kids, we were pretty limited in our TV watching. First off, there wasn’t a lot to watch, as with our antenna in the attic and a hill between out house and the transmitters, we only got two channels: 4, which was an NBC affiliate and 2, a local independent. On top of that, I remember that we each got to pick one evening show to watch each week. We did get to watch Saturday morning cartoons and some programs after school. Needless to say, I have quite a skewed experience. Not much watching and from a small source. No wonder I’m more inclined to read than watch.

Saturday morning cartoons in the 1960’s. Among them was Underdog! Underdog made his debut in October of 1964 and had 3 seasons produced, and aired for about 10 years total on NBC. He was a beagle superhero, in the mold of Superman, morphing from mild-mannered shoeshine boy/dog to Underdog when there was a wrong to be righted. I don’t recall much more about Underdog, although when I watched this YouTube version of its theme song, it was certainly familiar  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHej4ZqZDwo

Thanks for the opportunity to revisit a little slice of my childhood. Now for a bowl of cereal!

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