Tri this: Month 5

I’ve been at this triathlon training project for five months now. The newness has worn off, and as I mentioned in Tri This: Month 4, one of my current challenges is finding the rhythm of training that works for the long haul.

I’ve been working out regularly, 5 or 6 days a week, and I’m noticing that my endurance and fitness is continuing to improve. My “long” workouts in each discipline are longer. Swimming a mile at a time, running 4 plus miles, biking 15 or 16 miles. And I’m happy to note that these increased distances are feeling reasonably comfortable, not at the edge of tolerable. That’s something I had been wanting, although I didn’t realize it until it happened.

I’ve also discovered (or more accurately, reaffirmed) some things about me and scheduling. I really like flexibility, deciding what to do on any given day. For example, if its a really nice day out, I may choose to take a long bike ride, despite it being the “best” day for a swim, schedule-wise. I’m recognizing that there are some competing motivations here. There’s the part of me that “knows” that in order to improve, having a fair amount of structure and discipline and scheduling may well facilitate and increase the rate of skill development. And then there’s the part of me that says “I’ve been disciplined and scheduled most of my life, and that really takes the fun out of things”.

In favor of that second point of view is the reality of where I am in life. I’m 62, reasonably fit, but really without a major physical gift. In other words, I’m not ever going to be brilliant at any physical activity. So it comes back to my priorities:  Is this fun? Yes. Is it a worthy use of my time and energy? Yes. Do I want to continue for another month? Yes.

Is it okay to do it my own way?  Hell yes!!


14 thoughts on “Tri this: Month 5

  1. Were he same age and I love your writing style. Just enough humor to make the topic special. Keep up the good work. I just finished a 22 mile bike ride with my husband who is 71. He has to be a runner but suffered too many injuries.👍🌹

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  2. Honestly, if it’s not fun, why do it? Really. A lot of people think that I run and work out as much as I do because I’m disciplined. That’s there, sure. But honestly, I love it. If I didn’t, I’d go find something else to do. I will admit though that I feel lucky to so easily find physical activity that I love. I know a lot of people who really don’t care for much. Looks like you’ve got three activities that are keeping you busy, Happy, and fit. Sounds good to me!
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving lady! x

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    1. Yes, and I agree with you, its not worth it if its not fun. I did have a nice thanksgiving, thanks. Time with my sister and other family members–quite chill, which was welcome. Did you have a good day yourself? Cheers to you, x


  3. Go Steph! You are already a legend in my eyes, that’s an awesome challenge you’ve set. But I must agree: if it’s not fun, don’t do it. There has to be a consistent element of fun, to balance out the need for discipline and determination of course. I think you’ve got a very healthy attitude, G

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  4. It’s funny how the progression just creeps up on you. One day you finish a workout and think ‘wow did I really go that far or fast?’ because it felt easy.

    Enjoyment is paramount and most important, but the discipline will get you towards reaching your full potential. It sounds like you’ve got it down well: being able to deviate from your plan now and then without going into a tail spin. I think that’s healthy, and something I’m consciously trying to get better with. I’m planning to take tomorrow off and not do my long run, simply to rest and recharge and then return to it next week. Mentally, it’s accepting that it’s fine to do this (and will actually be beneficial with the rest) without leaning in too far and thinking ‘shall I give it a miss?’ every Sunday.

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  5. yes, an interesting tightrope on the flexibility to listen to oneself and trust need for rest or time off balanced with need to show up more often than not. Ongoing learning, and I suppose that wisdom comes as we develop the ability to be honest with how things really are within us.


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