It is the season for thanks, connection and all manner of challenges for some.

That may be what I am most thankful for: that my challenges feel manageable to me. I have the great good fortune that the day to day struggles of survival are not a big issue in my life. I can’t take much credit here, its as much an accident of birth as anything else. A comfortable enough place to live, enough to eat, safe enough. Enough is the theme here. I do have enough.

I also have enough experience of life to recognize that this can change in a flash, and also that no matter how much I or anyone else has, life will remain a terminal condition.

So on this day, I wish to recognize all the individuals on this planet. Family, friends, passersby, clients, all of you my co-travelers and teachers. Some I know, most I don’t. We all contribute, we are all in this together. Thank YOU, and may each of us find increasing peace and ability to appreciate ourselves and each other as we go forward.

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