prefer. no preference

via Daily Prompt: Prefer

I prefer no preference be given to those who have enough and want more

Who am I to say or decide what is enough?

Scarcity is relative and insatiable.

If you don’t think you have enough, you won’t

As my wealthy, forever striving client replied when I asked

How much is enough?

There’s never been enough (money, food, stuff, respect) for him

He doesn’t believe there can be enough.

I prefer a different way.

I am enough, and I have enough

This is my great good fortune.

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5 thoughts on “prefer. no preference

  1. First thought: “Enough” erupts from awareness of immortality, winds it way through insecurity (safety), anxiety (fear and trembling of the unknown), and ego’s dictums (do-do) and makes it’s way to the label of scarcity and desiccation. The “story” we agree to listen to over and over as we are dead to ourselves in life. Ghosts.


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