Tri This: Month 4

Four months. That’s a significant length of time.

I started this triathlon training adventure in June, and at the time, it had a bit of that summer vacation excitement. Something special, different from the usual, and something time-limited. I’m recognizing this retrospectively, even as my original plan was for my first triathlon to be next spring.

Now its mid-autumn, and one of the current challenges I’m encountering is integrating training with routine life: Work, travel, visitors; weather and light conditions that don’t always encourage outdoor workouts. I’m noticing that I am slightly less motivated to push than at the beginning. That said, I also note that I am doing at least one physical activity 6 days most weeks. This may be my sustainable pace for the long term: 2 bike rides, one or 2 swims, 2 or 3 runs each week, along with some ice skating and my other activities.

One of my major goals of this project was improving my physical fitness. That’s continuing to happen. I feel stronger, my body is leaner, and when I donated blood a few weeks ago, I had the lower blood pressure and pulse rate that goes with improved fitness. I’m pleased with my progress.

Running was clearly my weak spot starting out, and it still continues to be my challenge place. With training and fitness, my “long” runs are now up to 4 miles, and I’m finding that I enjoy running more than I have in the past. However, I’m now struggling with some foot and ankle pain, and my challenge will be figuring this out: running surface, shoes, biomechanics, lots of old ankle injuries. There are a lot of possibilities here, I’m hoping that getting the right footwear will solve things. At this point, I’m running less, both in terms of distance and frequency, than I would be if my ankle didn’t hurt, which is frustrating. Some limitations are easier for me to tolerate than others.

Part of each month’s review is answering the questions:

Is this still fun? Yes, mostly (I’m not much for pain)

Is this a good use of my time and energy? Yes

Shall I continue for another month? Yes

Okay then, month 5 is underway!



7 thoughts on “Tri This: Month 4

  1. Wish you all the best in improving the ankle situation. I’ve found that the work of Kelly Starrett has been invaluable in helping me improve aspects of my mobility, strength and flexibility. I’ve included a YouTube playlist link below of some of his ankle mobility tests and exercises, I’ve found his stuff has been very helpful not only in identifying/helping issues but also for routine maintenance.

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  2. I admire you for working daily on your goal of a triathlon. I wish you the best of luck! A couple I swim with signed up for the Scilly Swim in the UK, which was an island hopping swim of approximately nine miles. They trained for the better part of a year felt so accomplished afterward. They’ve planned for the 2018 Scilly Swim and how they’ll train differently to better prepare. I thought you might find it interesting, too.

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