The End is Near! Winter Storm Warning

As I write this, its 55 degrees and sunny; predicted to hit 70, a gorgeous autumn day. The weather folk say that by midnight snow will be falling and we will likely have several inches by the end of tomorrow. Along with the snow, we are also expecting the first hard freeze of the season. We’ve had some light frosts, but no freezes yet.

For much of my garden, this means that the end of the season is now. My extremely cold sensitive plants were showing signs of damage when we returned from the coast a week ago. Squashes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and basil all had some leaves browned and withered, signs of frost. The weather coming in tonight will take care of the remaining non-hardy crops in the garden.

After this morning’s run, it was harvest time. Cucumbers, the last of the squash, mostly green tomatoes, some with some signs of ripening, and the tomatillos. I pulled the tomato and cucurbit plants, and did a little tidying of the beds. More to be done later, but my priority today is dealing with the harvest.

The cukes and squash will go into the fridge and be enjoyed over time. I made a pretty tasty roasted tomatillo salsa a few days ago, and I think I’ll make a few more batches of it today. This is where I found the recipe: The tomatoes that are on their way to ripening I’ll leave out and see what happens. A number of them have cracks (we got a lot of rain the week we were gone), so its iffy whether they will ripen or rot, my experience with this is about a 50 percent success rate.

Now for the green tomatoes. I’m searching for options. I’ve made chutney with them in the past. As I recall, I found it okay, but not thrilling, and BA just reminded me that she did not like it. So I’ll do a little more hunting for recipes that may appeal. I’m aware that frying is a classic approach to green tomatoes, but fried stuff just doesn’t work very well in our house. So I’ll keep looking. What’s your favorite thing to do with green tomatoes? Suggestions are welcome!

4 thoughts on “The End is Near! Winter Storm Warning

  1. I’m going to try to ripen mine by putting them in a brown paper bag with a banana. I’ve never tried it before, but a friend said it works. I wish I knew of a way that I liked to eat green tomatoes, but sadly, I don’t.


    1. Ann, I have done that and it works fairly well. I’ve also wrapped the super green ones in newspaper and stored them in a cool place in the basement. Taking a few out every week and then going into more active ripening mode with the banana works pretty well. Only works with tomatoes that are really solid. Most of mine have cracking, so I need to either use them green or keep a close eye on them as they ripen.


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