7 thoughts on “Enough

  1. I’ve enjoyed a lot of Caroline’s books and teachings over the years, Susie, and have done some workshops with her as well. Lots of learning, a very straight shooter, and pretty darn funny as well. One of my favorite of her many lines is “remember there are just as many people in therapy getting over knowing you as the other way around” Poor paraphrasing on my part, but you get the gist. Keeps one humble!

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this writing, what an amazingly clear thinker and feeler. Brilliant. I’m so worried about the mess America is in… from here in Australia, where we have our own shitty fights going on too, for the environment and same sex marriage. But at least we don’t have guns!

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      1. It was honestly the one and only good thing that Prime Minister actually did, but has had a profound cultural benefit. I’ve no idea if the USA could do it, but how I long for it for you all.


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