Tri this: I’m in!

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve entered my first triathlon. Its the Mini Haha (mini ’cause its short, haha ’cause its fun–their words, not mine) put on by the Broomfield Recreation Center. Its a mini-sprint event, with a 300 yd swim, 11 mile bike ride, and 2 mile run. As its name suggests, its a fun race, and caters to beginners. My stepmother, who is a “real” triathlete sent me the information a few weeks ago–Thanks, Judy! When I saw the distances involved, it seemed manageable, although if you’ve been following this blog, you are aware that running has been challenging for me. See Tri this: P.I.T.A. and Too many variables, same result.

The good news is that with some good supportive care and changes in training and other activities, I’ve been able to run 2 miles now on several occasions. Not fast, probably not pretty, but completed and without injury. So this morning, after my workout, I drove to Broomfield and officially registered. The race is on August 26, four weeks from tomorrow. That’s not quite 11 weeks from when I began this project, a little (okay, a lot) earlier than I originally anticipated. My original plan was for a sprint next spring. And that may well be what happens–this baby “mini” sprint now and then a regular sprint come spring.

Right now, my primary emotion around this is excitement. This short distance, low key event feels manageable to me, and like a good way to start. I’m noticing increasing curiosity about not only about “how will I do” in terms of performance, but also what will the process be like, going from event to event, with lots of other people around. I actually enjoy planning for events and handling logistics. I managed our local  YMCA synchronized skating teams for 7 seasons–if I can get 35 kids on the ice in costume and skates at the right time and place, I can probably get myself to this event on time and with the equipment I need to support me.

From there, I will be in a place to let things play out as they do, and I am reminding myself of my goal, which is to show up and do the best that I can do on that day. How that plays out in terms of finishing first, last or somewhere in between is not something I have any control over. Mostly what I can control is my attitude, and my attention to what I’m doing. Let the games begin!


10 thoughts on “Tri this: I’m in!

  1. Hi, Steph,
    I’m not sure what a real triathlete is, but I am sure you will be one after the MiniHaHa. You could really do well with out any training at all. You can walk the run, walk in the swimming 🏊 pool, and ride slowly on the bike.
    My friend Pat Tolleson, not in your age group, a bit older, who did the rim to rim to rim Grand Canyon, last year, loves the
    Mimi, and will be there this year. She said, there is plenty of parking, some in a field across the street, and the swimming is organized by the predict time (no one really knows, or everyone lies) of groups of six, who decide among themselves who is probably fastest, and would lead out first. People are very friendly. If you want to pass someone ahead of you in the swim, usually you tap their heel and they stop at the end of the lane and let you pass them. I always stayed in line, drafting, as the time gained was trivial.
    What I like about triathlons is not knowing where any competitor was, so I choose my own pace. Sometimes I was actually aware that someone’s bike wasn’t in the rack, while I was changing out of my wet suit, but I really never cared much, by then.

    Also, there are some nice 👍 women training in groups in Boulder.
    If you want to move on to open water, Connie says Longmont’s Union Reservoir is a natural lake with much cleaner water than Boulder Res, currently closed as too much goose poop, plus. . .
    Glad 😁 your injuries are better. Love ❤️Curious Steph’s musings.
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    1. Thanks for all your support and tips, Judy. That’s why you get the real moniker, meaning experienced and having done more than a mini. I’ve boated on union res in the past, many years ago, and its a nice place, and if I ever get to open water events, Union is indeed a lure over the res.


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