Tri training, month 1

First off, I am really pleased that I completed this first month of training. I showed up, I trained, I learned. Overall, I feel stronger and healthier, with more energy and enthusiasm for life. As I write this, my SI joint is aching, (see Tri this: P.I.T.A.) reacting to a slow walk to the post office (about a 2 mile round trip).  I am looking forward to Monday’s appointment with my sports medicine doc. This is the big disappointment of the month, that just as I was improving in running and actually starting to like it, I got injured, and not from running!

When I read about blogging, there is all manner of advice on the dos and don’ts.  One of the don’ts is making lists.  So in honor of my own desire to do things in a way that suits me, here’s a list of things I’ve learned or relearned this month:

  • don’t ride my bike with my swim bag
  • eat something before swimming
  • drink more water
  • stretch–every day
  • putting a sports bra back on if its sweaty is next to impossible, so bring underwear!
  • maintain your bike regularly; air in the tires and lubing the chain makes a difference
  • I really like being outside
  • data helps me–how far, how fast, how long.
  • if I see something that I want a photo of, take it now, or soon, things change fast
  • smile – at people, animals, flowers, nature
  • notice my posture, listen to and respect my body’s messages

That’s quite a lot of learning for a month, and of course there is more.  Despite the limitations of my injury and not having done any significant running for the past two weeks, I’m happy with my progress.

In her book The Happiness Project,  Gretchen Rubin articulates her First Splendid Truth, that happiness is about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right in an atmosphere of growth.  As I reflect on this first month of my triathlon project, I recognize that all of those components are present.  For me, an atmosphere of growth is key; if I feel as though I am learning and growing, I am likely to stay interested and engaged with whatever I’m doing, sometimes longer than is ideal, but that’s a story for another day.

As I begin month two of triathlon training, my intentions remain the same, to train, learn and enjoy.  I have tweaked my training schedule, and may make further adjustments as my health suggests. The major questions I set for myself on the project were: Is it fun? Is this a worthwhile use of my time and energy?  The answer to both of these questions is yes, and I look forward to seeing what month two brings.


4 thoughts on “Tri training, month 1

  1. Train on! Hope you get over your injury quickly. Was going for a half ironman this year but got side-railed by strained knee ligaments (kicking a beach ball back into the pool… go figure…). Curating for the tribe.


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